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About us

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About Lets Décor

Let’s décor is an interior décor firm that works on designing and manufacturing decorative products for homes, shops, saloons, megastores, clinics, and offices. It also lets you order customized products of your desired material, shape, and color.

Our Products:

Let’s décor due to the overwhelming affection of people has made its name as one of the leading interior décor stores. We have a wide range of interior décor products that are designed by our experts after a huge session of discussion, quality inspection, in-field performance, and longevity analysis. Our Products are suited for
1. Home décor
2. Office
3. Mega Stores
4. Beauty Salons/ Parlor
5. Clinics
6. Schools

Custom Orders:

At let’s décor, customers can shop decoration products as well as place custom orders. You have an idea in mind about decorative products, explain it to our engineers and they will bring your idea into practice. Or if you have a picture of the design, it can also be made in the material, color, and shape you prefer.


Our company is registered at Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
LetsDecor.pk SMC Private – Corporate Unique Identification No. 0174616

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